Sticker Instructions

1. Prepare the Surface: Start by ensuring the car's surface is squeaky clean. Use rubbing alcohol to wipe away any dirt or grease. A spotless surface ensures a flawless application.


2. Positioning: Take your time to find the perfect spot for the decal on your car. It's all about that JDM style!


3. Peel Backing: Slowly peel off the backing paper from the decal, revealing the adhesive side. Remember, patience is key here to avoid any mishaps.


4. Apply Decal: With precision and finesse, press the decal onto the car's surface. Start from one end and smoothly work your way to the other, like a pro tuner fine-tuning an engine.


5. Remove Transfer Tape: Gently peel away the transfer tape, leaving the vinyl decal shining bright on your ride. Take your time to ensure every detail stays put.


6. Final Check: Inspect your masterpiece for any imperfections. If you spot any air bubbles or loose edges, use your squeegee to smooth them out like a true JDM aficionado.


7. Snap a Pic: Once the decal is on, capture that JDM magic with a photo. Don't forget to tag on Instagram for a chance to get a shoutout and join the JDM community!


8. Let it Set: Allow your newly applied decal to set for at least 24 hours before hitting the streets. This ensures it stays put, ready to turn heads and ignite envy.